Artiom Łaguta has always been able to count on his family’s support during the competition. They accompany him during the league matches and are present at the MotoGP Grand Prix championships. They could not have been missing in Toruń at the time the Russians were making history.

Łukasz Kuczera

Artiom Łaguta

Instagram / laguta222 / Pictured: Artiom Łaguta

The 2021 season is slowly coming to a close. First we met the championship title winner at the PGE Ekstraliga, then it was time for the Speedway Grand Prix. It just so happened that Artiom Łaguta enjoyed the gold medal either way. This year, the Russian was in such a shape that he definitely deserves a kiss from his wife on the podium in Toruń.

Łaguta has always been known for the fact that family comes first for him. If anyone is incredible, let him see how the Russian celebrated the title with his son. pure joy

The championship title for the Russian means that Bartosz Zmirzlik relinquished the throne two years later. However, the Gorzów player does not hide that the silver he won in the 2021 season is also of great importance to him. “I have to tell you that the silver medal was won after a difficult start, but also a great fight all season, it tastes really good” – said the Polish motorcycle racer.

The IMŚ platform was completed by Emil Sajfutdinow, who also appears to be satisfied with what we have been able to achieve. In PGE Ekstriga, the Russian player did not do well. Thank you all for this season! – Handed the motorcycle racer, who once again took the bronze medal at the World Championships in his career.

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Maciej Janowski may be unreasonable. The Pole started the 2021 season so impressively that he was chosen for the gold, while the Wroclaw native once again had to enjoy the flair. In the end, Janowski didn’t win any medals. “In 2022 we are back with new energy” – said the motorway racer from Lower Silesia and something tells us that he will draw conclusions from the mistakes made.

On the other hand, Leon Madsen was relieved. For the Dane, the 2021 season was undoubtedly not what he expected. The rider himself does not hide that his performance was affected by health problems – damage to the knee and cruciate ligaments. “However, in the last two tournaments, I have felt a huge improvement in my equipment, which I have been missing all year. It gives me a lot of confidence and belief in the future. I will use the winter period to return 100% healthy. I will be stronger this year.”- Madsen announced.

Ty and Vinden didn’t win a medal this year, but the Briton undoubtedly took a bit of a beating due to an injury he sustained at the start of the 2021 season. Meeting old masters Tony Rickardson, Hans Nielsen and Greg Hancock was an extra chance for him to laugh a little. After all, it’s rare to see 17 league titles in one photo.

Hancock, who advised Janowski last weekend at Toro, was also counted as a flashback. The American had some duels on the track with Rickardson and Nielsen. However, when we think that not so long ago Hancock was still competing in league games, and Rickardson and Nielsen hadn’t raced in years, panic appears on his face.

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“Reminds me of some championship nights in Toruń” – this is how Hancock summed up his visit to Motuarina. Nothing abnormal. Toruń’s SGP competition facility was closed for several years and the American motorcycle rider had the opportunity to celebrate some of his titles there.

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