You don’t need a screen in every room, but Nest Minis does add a way for the Nest system (they’re all connected) to listen and respond when you’re away from the main hub. Like Scott Gilberston from WIRED It was noted in his review-Don’t expect excellent sound quality for music playback. It’s a speaker designed to communicate with you, and it’s not a replacement for the Sonos.

Home Max for $ 150 ($ 150)

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He is showing his age now at the age of three, but at that price, Home Max is still a good option if you want a smart speaker with relatively good sound quality but you don’t need a screen. Michael Calor, Senior Editor of WIRED, said Home Max It looked great When he reviewed it in 2017, and if you are already using Google Assistant as your favorite audio on your phone, it integrates well with streaming your smart home.

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Nest Audio

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If you have the hub, you may want to build your smart home system with things like doorbells and thermostats. The best smart home devices provide peace of mind, whether they enhance security or automatically adjust the HVAC in your home to save money. Who would have ever thought that you could monitor your home even if you were hundreds or thousands of miles away?

Nest Hello for $ 179 ($ 50 off)


It can be a good idea to know who’s ringing before you wake up – especially if you don’t like opening the door to strangers. Hello live video also allows you to talk and listen to anyone there, and you can do that through the app when you are not at home as well. If you pay for a Nest subscription, you can store videos on the cloud, so it doubles as a front door security camera.

Nest WiFi Router for $ 139 ($ 30 off)

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If you’re deep into the Google Assistant system and want something that can easily run with a Google-focused smart home system, WIRED’s Scott Gilberston says the Nest WiFi its yours. It only has one Ethernet port, and it doesn’t support the faster, future Wi-Fi 6 (although many devices don’t support Wi-Fi 6 yet). The Nest WiFi Router’s strength lies not in its excellent specs for the heavy-duty enthusiast, but in its simplicity for the masses.

Nest Learning Thermostat for $ 199 ($ ​​50 off)


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