On July 29, the U-21 MotoGP Final will be held in Esbjerg, Denmark, which will replace the World Junior Championships.

There will be seven national teams, all the same in the final in 2021 in Bydgoszcz (Poland won the gold). The final will not be preceded by any eliminations, which clearly shows how difficult the position of motorsports is. The teams in SON U-21, which is essentially a doubles competition, only have three players (two plus a reserve), but even this is an insurmountable barrier for many countries.

Denmark, Poland, Britain, Sweden, Australia, the Czech Republic and Latvia will travel to Esbjerg. No countries like Germany or Russia have as many beginners in this field.

Earlier, on May 26 in Herxheim, Germany, the Long Track of Nations final, ie the “old” DMŚ on the long track, will take place.

Poland was due to make its debut at the event in 2021, but the competition was canceled due to the coronavirus.

In 2022, Poland should be luckier in the IMŚ (Unofficial Grand Prix) finals cycle.

Apart from our team, Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Finland and Sweden will start in the final. In total, nine national teams will compete for the medals.

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At the moment, it is not known which countries will participate in the Speedway of Nations, as two semi-finals and a final are planned in which the host country – Denmark is decided. 14 national teams, including Poland, will participate in the semi-finals.