Until recently, Zuzanna Patury, Jarosław Bieniuk’s new partner, lived in the United States, but it turns out that she is also linked to Krakow. The couple recently confirmed their relationship by posting a joint photo on social media. You can see pictures of the beautiful model in the Photo Gallery. Swipe Right – Press the Arrow or Next button

Who is Yaroslav Pinyuk?

Jaroslaw Binyuk is a former football player for several Ekstraklasa clubs and the Polish national team, where he played eight matches. In the 1999/2000 season, he became the main player for Amica and Ronka and won the Polish Cup with her, defeating Wesla Krakow in the final match. A year later, the story repeated the same – Pinyuk again played in the PP final against Wesla, but this time rivals from Krakow were better.

At the time, there was speculation that Pinyuk could be transferred to Piazza Guaizda, but in the end it never happened. So the footballer could not live near Wawel and get to know the city better.

Perhaps that is why in 2019, while catching up, he escorted his kids to Krakow for the weekend: 17-year-old Oloya, 13-year-old Shimon, and January 3rd. They stayed in an exclusive old hotel on the main square, and visited the Old Town, Wawel and the Salt Mine in Wieliczka.

Who is Susanna Pucci?

Most recently, Jarosław Bieniuk’s new partner has been Zuzanna Pości. She is a popular model from the “Hollywood Wives” series and also has her own clothing company. During an interrogation session on her Instagram profile, she revealed that she was born and raised in Sweden, and later moved with her family to Krakow. From here I went to the United States.

After graduation, I moved to New York – professionally. I was a model, but I wasn’t “world famous” – Zuzana Pucci explains.

The model worked extensively in New York and then in Los Angeles. For this, an iron case was needed, but fortunately, like her new partner Yaroslav Pinyuk, she loves sports. He loves fitness, swimming and skiing, which he convinces by posting pictures of the insanity of winter on the slopes of Switzerland. You can find out by going to the gallery.