The former Greek Finance Minister is angry at the new name of Facebook. Yanis Varoufakis accuses Mark Zuckerberg of stealing the name ‘Meta’. This is the name of a left-wing think tank in which a Greek economist sits.

“Wara by Meta, is the name of our research center for post-capitalist civilization,” warns Janis Waroufakis and addresses the Facebook owner: “You and your minions – you will not understand what civilization is, even if I hit you with a stick.”

According to experts, the reason for changing Facebook’s name to Meta, which was announced the day before yesterday, is largely due to the desire to escape from the deteriorating atmosphere around the company. Recently, a former employee took documents from the company to prove that Facebook had detailed knowledge of the disastrous impact of its activities, including on children, but did nothing about it, focusing only on profits.

In addition, a few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg became another defendant in the case of illegal use of Facebook users’ data in political campaigns identified by Cambridge Analityca.

Zuckerberg did not respond to the former Greek minister’s criticism. This may be due to the fact that hardly anyone has heard about the activities of the center. The problem is that this organization employs famous economists and artists, including famous scholars such as Noam Chomsky, or James Galbraith, director Ken Loach, and musician Brian Eno, who have collaborated, among others, with U2, Ultravox and Phil Collins. Noam Chomsky made computer science history with his analysis of the 1950s language, and Brian Eno wrote the voice of Microsoft 95 startup.

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