Before the double-medal race with the top 10 contestants, Klepack was second and only one point behind leader Picon. The 35-year-old woman from Warsaw could not overtake the French woman, but lost second place to world champion Lilian de Gius.

And it turned out that the Dutch woman was the best in the last start, thanks to which she moved from third to second place, while the last Polish woman was in the field on Saturday. Marta Magetti was the sixth on the verge of being overtaken. However, the Italian lost his rivalry with De Jos, lost a point to Klipaca, and was ranked fourth.

He congratulated the Polish Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sports Piotr Glensky on the success. The Deputy Prime Minister wrote on Twitter, “Congratulations to Zovia Klebaka on the bronze medal in the European Championships in the Olympic Games category RS: X! :)”.

The 2016 Olympic champion from Rio de Janeiro Bacon finished third at the finish line, thus defending the title, also winning at Vilamoura in November.

– Zosia started very well, but on the first + tack + she made a mistake. Bacon, who played the role with Spaniard Blanca Mansion, did not pay attention to the left side, and at the same time + gave + the rights. These two players lost contact with the rest of the field and it became a little nervous. Thankfully, Klepacka hasn’t lost her spot on the podium. There was a chance for gold, but we’re happy with the bronze – said Cesarius Pjorschek, coach of the women’s team.

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This is the ninth, including the fifth bronze medal, by Klepacka in the European Championships in the RS: X category. She won the gold discs in 2011 in Burgas, in 2017 in Marseille and one year later in Sopot, and the second in 2016 in Helsinki, The third was in 2010 in Sopot, in 2014 in Alacati, Turkey, and a year later in Mondello, Sicily. In 2020 in Vilamoura.

22 women from 16 countries competed among the women. Thirteenth place was SKŻ Ergo Hestia Sopot.

Two Poles also participated in the medal race – Radosław Furmański (DKŻ Dobrzyń nad Wisłą) and Myszka, who had no chance of getting places on the podium. Myszka took second place in it, thanks to his promotion from fifth to fourth, and directly behind him in the overall ranking was Furmański, eighth at the last start.

The medal race was won by world champion and third-time contestant in the previous European Championship, Kiran Badloy, securing him a victory throughout the event. The Dutchman surpassed the winner of this competition in 2018 in Sopot of Italy, Mattia Cambone, and it was a big surprise, Ofek Elimelech from Israel.

His fellow defender Yoav Cohen finished sixth. 39 sailors from 20 countries raced among the men.

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The final results:

a woman

1. Charlene Bacon (France) 40 points

2 – Lilian De Gius (Netherlands) 45

3 – Zofia Klepacka (Poland), 55

4 – Marta Maggetti (Italy) 56

5- Emma Wilson (Great Britain) 58

6- Georgia Special (Italy) 61

13- Maya Dzyarnowska (Poland) 96


1. Kiran Badlow (Netherlands) 37 points

2. Mattia Cambone (Włochy) 47

3- Elimelech’s horizon (Azrael) 47

4 – Piotr Meska (Poland) 67

5- Radoslaw Wurmanski (Poland) 78

6. Yoav Cohen (Azrael) 91