– I have been slandered by an immunity politician who was captured in England – without any evidence or quote from me. It made a bad smell around me. And he attacked me from the British state institutions – said Rafai Zemkevich in the program “What is this?” on TVP Info. He pointed out that he was accused of allegedly denying the Holocaust. – It is a hierarchical nonsense – stressed the journalist. The whole thing, in his opinion, is a matter of “very bad will”.

Zemkevich’s arrest. Summons the British Ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Rafai Zemkiewicz was arrested on Saturday at a British airport. Deputy Foreign Minister Shimon Senkowski Phil Sok announced that…

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Rafai Zemkiewicz was arrested at the beginning of October at Heathrow Airport. The columnist traveled to Great Britain with his wife and daughterwhich she started her studies at Oxford. When asked about the reasons for his arrest, he referred to several issues.

– The first thing Polish left-wing rioters – it cannot be called otherwise – who take advantage of writing denunciations against Poland to foreign-speaking newspapers and institutions and slandering their own compatriots, against Poland. That there is a fascist regime here, and that the writer who comes from Poland is a fascist. They brought such accusations against me – he explained.

– the second thing Very sarcastic hypocritical behaviour – Member of the British Parliament – also a far-left politician – Ruby is rightWho picked up these accusations, and without any attempt to verify, conducted a political witch hunt against me for four years – TVP Info guest noted.

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– The third thing Abuse of power by British border authorities and breach of British and international law – Ziemkiewicz said. He referred to the document which stated that the basis for his refusal to accept him in England and to keep him subject to deportation were his opinions. – This is something no one would have dared a year or two ago. Rudely, at a time when international agreements are being signed by the UK, according to which no one can be discriminated against because of his political views – the journalist said.

I was threatened with slander Picked up by an Immunity Politician in England – without any trace of any evidence or quote from me. It made a bad smell around me. And attacked me with the institutions of the British state – pointing. He added that he was accused of being a “Holocaust denier”. “This is hierarchical nonsense,” he said. The whole thing, in his opinion, was a matter of very bad intent.


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