It is difficult to create a floor system in a mobile home that will suit many different recipients. Presented model Roller Team Zefiro 266 TL succeeded in this very challenging art.

We have a 745cm car at our disposal, which can accommodate 4 people inside, for driving and sleeping. Face-to-face hallway, easy access to kitchen, bathroom separable from toilet. What more could you ask for? Zefiro will operate as a family caravan and couple or group of friends. It would work perfectly in any mobile home rental company. Its diversity will be quickly appreciated by potential clients.

Let’s look at this half of the integral from the front. Here a one-to-one solution was chosen, and the furniture in the living room fitted according to his assumptions. Thanks to this, the whole crew can take comfortable places on sofas placed opposite each other. There was also a folding table, which ensured a hassle-free connection between the cab and the bodywork during the flight. F2F is not only a spacious living room but also easy access to a small kitchen. About halfway from the car, in the lane, we have a lot of space

Digging deeper into the caravan, we came across what appears to be a makeshift room. There is a toilet on the right. On the left – the shower cubicle. In the middle there is a large mirror with a washbasin. Everyone creates a healthy room that can be “isolated” on both sides, from the living room and the back bedroom. The space created in this way will provide us with a place not only for a comfortable shower, but also for a hassle-free change of clothes, even during winter trips.

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The back of the carriage is a classic bedroom with a giant double bed in the center. Travelers have two wardrobes, one on each side. Two more people will use the double bed which is lowered above the living room. Most importantly, when opened, it does not block the side entrance of the mobile home.

The dry description of the floor plan doesn’t reflect how great the Zefiro looks. RollerTeam did his homework. Bright split-LED interior, high-gloss furniture fronts, and ubiquitous mirrors enhance the feel of the available space – you can admire it! Zefiro 266 TL is simply an inconspicuous mobile home from the outside that shows a true class on the inside. This base model, built on the Ford 130 HP 2.0 L chassis, costs 47,465 euros. For a car based on a Fiat chassis with a 2.3 engine and 140 hp, we would pay a net € 2,114 more.

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This article is from Issue 1 (98) 2021 of the Polish Caravan