A fictional movie and a detective story in Zdrouj Cinema. See ammo

“Magic Museum” in the Czech Republic, without borders, dubbing, animation, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 4 pm Harvey is a smart boy full of energy. He has one goal now – he wants to complete the last level of the computer game. When he was at the Famous Players Gallery, his dad was finally proud of him. The ending of the game becomes the beginning of a real adventure that will take the boy, his dog and his girlfriend Monica to a forgotten museum of old dolls. When the boy accidentally activates the legendary magic disc, all the dolls will come back to life. And with them the terrible puppet master. When Harvie realizes what evil powers he’s unleashed, he will have to use all of his abilities to not only save himself and his friends, but the entire city.

“Skłodowska” Great Britain, allowed from 15 years, biography / drama, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 7 pm Ambitious young Maria Skودodowska comes to France to study at the famous Sorbonne University, which is her big dream, and soon she will bring a breakthrough not only in the life of the young woman, but all over the world. But the beginnings are difficult. Nobody takes seriously the scientific plans and theories of little Maria. Men jealously guard the entrance to the highest levels of the scientific profession. However, Skłodowska’s genius, stubbornness and courage will soon begin to crush this resistance. And the extraordinary discoveries that she will make with her husband, Pierre Curie, will bring her a well-deserved place in the scientific pantheon.

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