A charcoal exhibition is being held in the dome of the revitalized water tower in Zuberzi. The unique facility was purchased in 2017 by the local Coal Mining Museum, which is now finalizing its development in terms of exhibitions and social and scientific activities.

In this way, the Mining Museum saved one of the largest and most unique water towers in the area with the support of the European Union. Stand on a hill in ul. Zamoysky, built in 1909 on an octagonal plan, the tower is 46 meters high and 23 meters in diameter. The expressive building is distinguished by its structure – at the base, between the eight supporting columns of the cistern, there are three floors with rooms.

The brick structure was not used in previous years and was deteriorating. The last owner secured it and cleared the area. In 2017, the museum, with the help of the city, prepared a project for social revitalization and museums, and then bought the tower for it. Construction work started in 2019.

On Sunday, in the staircase added to the tower, a race called “Let’s Go to the Tower” was held. It was the first opportunity to take a closer look at the revitalized facility. Inside the dome – according to Majorzata Mica Szulic, mayor of the city – after completion of revitalization work, a modern exhibition “Carbonium”, dedicated to carbon as a chemical element and its circulation in nature, is now being assembled.

The exhibition, which is under 1.9 million PLN, is organized by the company Adventure Ekspycje. In keeping with the preliminary prepared design, the main exhibition area, located in a former water reservoir at a height of more than 20 meters, was divided into thematic islands.

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It was dedicated to: the Big Bang and the formation of carbon as an element (film), the presence of carbon (interactive zone), carbon as an element, fossil fuels, chemical compounds, carbon and man, the use of carbon (interactive zones), laboratory (experimental zone for workshops and educational activities) and the carbon cycle In nature (interactive zone). At the end there is a multimedia table with an interactive game (knowledge test).

In order for the EU project to meet the assumptions of revitalization, in addition to the functions related to the purposes of the museum, it assumes projects related to social revitalization that are widely understood. It was believed that they are related to the activities of the enterprise. This is why, for example, the Living Crafts Center, which will be built in the basement of the tower, is to recreate the faded traditional craftsmanship related to Silesian traditions, and its works and products can be used in museum activities.

On the ground floor, next to the cash register and shop, there will be a social and professional activation center and exhibition space (including a history and presentation of the operation of the water tower). The Revitalization Activity Center and the Mining Documentation Center (constructed with the help of another EU project) are planned on the first floor, and the Young Talents Academy and Senior Academy are planned on the second floor.

In the so-called sub-reservoir of the tower will house a café club and multifunctional space, and a small lighthouse at the top of the tower will house a viewing point. Near the facility there is, among other things, parking for approximately 30 vehicles and a “Silesia Square” – designed to be a meeting and social activation space for residents. In total, the tower will provide more than 920 square meters of space

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Tower project in the Mujahideen. Zamoyski – with an estimated value of PLN 34.1 million, with support of PLN 23.6 million – is one of the many investment projects of the Museum, which coordinates the activities of the main attractions of industrial tourism in Zabrze, developed since 2008. These are: Guido historical coal mine and complex The second underground – Królowa Luiza Adit.