The press spokesman for the Minister for Coordinating Secret Services, Stanisław Garin, said on Twitter on Tuesday that a hybrid operation against Poland by Belarus is underway, the beneficiary of which is Russia. On Monday, 85 people illegally crossed the Polish border.

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Referring to the daily statistics of the border guards on Twitter, the spokesperson wrote that “From the very beginning of the process using the artificial migration route, it is clear that the Kremlin remains the real beneficiary of it.”

The hybrid operation against Poland continues in the hands of the Lukashenka regime. In the past day there were 85 attempts to cross the border illegally. They tried to invade Poland, among others the citizens of Cameroon, Sudan and Cuba.”

Żaryn noticed that The activities of the Belarusian services are part of Russia’s hostile policy towards the West.

Until June 30, 2022, there is a temporary ban on staying in the strip on the border with Belarus – in the district of 183 cities – 115 in the Podlaskie district and 68 in Lubelskie, introduced by decree of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration.

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