Leicester are second in the standings after their fourth successive win away from home Premier League. It was Leeds’ biggest defeat at home this season, and had the team finished just as hard as they did at the start, Leicester might have achieved a more painful result, even though the home side overcame a terrible start to have a chance to tie in the second half. Half.

It was ultimately undone, as there will definitely be a few other parties this season, due to Jamie Vardy’s steadfast and opportunistic appetite.

I played the game in a downpour and had a great start. Leeds had a great chance to open the scoring in less than two minutes when the superb connection between Pablo Hernandez and Helder Costa resulted in Patrick Bamford’s free header on the six-yard line.

Unfortunately for the home side, Bamford puts his effort straight into Casper Schmeichel’s arms, and the goalkeeper began an attack that ended with Ilan Mesliher’s net.

Schmeichel feeds Christian Fox on the left for the defender to send a ball directly across the channel, only to Robin Koch losing his direction when Harvey Barnes challenges him.

Coach had the chance to clear the ball but missed it and allowed Barnes to score on goal, then a back pass just lagging called Vardy to take charge, first having possession of the ball and then returning the ball to Barnes’ path to cut Koch and the goalkeeper.

Leeds was conquered by Leicester’s first attack, and Vardy had evidently had speed, touch and balance to cause home defender problems on a slippery surface.

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Jimmy Fardy scores Leicester's third goal.

Jimmy Fardy scores Leicester’s third goal. Photo: Peter Powell / AP

Missler came to the rescue of his team with a one-handed shot when Barnes sent a powerful shot before Leeds lost the ball in their own half and was punished with a second goal before halfway through the first half.

Uri Tillmans started and finished the move, but Vardy’s move was key again, losing his keeper to reach Mark Albrighton’s cross with a curved header that Missliere could only push into Telemans’ way.

Adjusting much better than the home side, while keeping things simple but fast, Leicester poked holes in Leeds’ defense nearly every time he advanced.

Leicester could have had more before halftime. Luke Thomas saw that a shot was blocked and Messelier almost flopped through his net.

When Leeds had a chance to respond they were unable to seize it. Bamford stayed behind to accept Luke Aaling’s smart ball in the box, and yet he may still be bothered by his wasting earlier, the first touch was heavy enough to allow Schmichael to stop his feet.

Marcelo Bielsa was sent to Ian Poveda-Ocampo in place of newcomer Jimmy Shackleton in the second half, but the fact that Leeds dropped a goal within three minutes was a change in the uncharacteristic uncertainty in the visitors’ defense.

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Nothing appeared as Leeds played a short corner kick back and Stuart Dallas raised a diagonal cross towards the far post, yet everyone missed in the penalty area, and when the last defender, Fox, failed to clear Schmeichel all of a sudden he realized he was not in a position to do so. Prevent the ball from creeping upright into his left hand.

Lucky or not, the goal provided a much-needed boost to the confidence of the home team. Leeds asked Leicester more questions in the first ten minutes of the second half than they could in the 45 minutes preceding him, as Luke Ayling had only inches left from finishing a move on the six-yard streak and Hernandez struck the shot. Column angle and tape.

Suddenly there was a contest where there was no sign of one being in the first half. Matthews tested Klitsch Schmeichel from a distance as Leicester took a halting turn in his own half, prompting Brendan Rodgers to introduce James Madison from the bench in an effort to reproduce the offensive edge Leicester enjoyed in the first half.

It didn’t work out this impressive effect, but thanks to Rodgers’ credit, the decisive goal was not designed by one but by two of his substitutes. Madison caught the ball in space in the middle of a Leeds run, looked up and passed a perfectly weighted pass to catch the supportive run of Genghis Ander on the right.

Leeds’ cover arrived just as the substitute was considering shooting or passing, but the ball went towards the goal and not far from him and it was not surprising to anyone that Fardi was in perfect position to log in and the seventh goal. season. Tillmans scored his second goal with a penalty kick awarded by the video assistant referee for a cliché foul on Madison.