Pierce Corbyn is a well-known anti-vaccine activist in the United States, who says in his theories, among other things, about the harm of preparations and about the fact that the epidemic does not exist. Josh Pieters and Archie Manners, in turn, are comedian YouTubers, amassing nearly 1.5 million subscribers on their channel.

Their latest material offers an interview with Corbin, where – claiming to be AstraZeneka investors – They offered him 10,000 pounds (about 53 thousand PLN) to stop criticizing this company And focus on other preparations. In the recording, you can see how much he voluntarily agreed to the proposal. However, the envelope was replaced with banknotes while he was not looking. Inside are … “papers” from the company “Monopoly”.

The activist agreed on the condition that “investors” should not influence his policy. They agreed to the terms, and Corbyn was due to start writing down the benefits of the AstraZeneka vaccine, but he himself said in an interview with the Daily Mail that “the recording has been edited significantly.”

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