What is the value of games on Xbox Game Pass? The amount may surprise you.

Nobody has any doubt that Xbox Game Pass is one of the best subscription deals with games at the moment. For several tens of zlotys per month, we have access to a lot of products, and the offer is constantly updated and changed with new titles.

Xbox Game Pass – Is it worth it?

In 2021, several big games debuted on Xbox Game Pass, which was available as a subscription live on release day. These include Forza Horizon 5, Psychonauts 2, Halo Infinite, or Age of Empires 4. But is Xbox Game Pass really profitable?

Loadout decided to check exactly how much the games are worth from the Xbox Games Pass, which we only got to access in 2021. This amount is amazing.

It turns out that that’s a whopping $6,300 you’d have to pay if you bought all the games on the day they were released. In March alone, Microsoft added $960 worth of products to XGP, but that’s due to the addition of the Bethesda Softworks portfolio.

Meanwhile, Xbox Game Pass, including the Ultimate version, costs about $180 per year.

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Text source: Loadout, TechPowerUp