Referring in Polsat News to the question of the value of Polish aid to Ukraine Prime Minister He emphasized that 7 billion PLN, which is referred to as costs related to supporting this country and refugees from this country, “They are also different types of weapons that have been removed from our personal case, and which we have handed over as defensive weapons to our neighbours.”

When asked whether Poland would receive in return weapons that would replace the transferred ones, Morawiecki To strengthen Poland, inter alia, air defense systems that were temporarily deposed by the United States and Great Britain. – There are gap fillers and additional weapons. Are they one-on-one replacing the weapons we donated to Ukraine? No, but this is not the time for such a pharmacy, because today our weapons serve to defend our independence, with the fact that 500 kilometers outside – He said.

Note that “We can feel safe, because of course we are part of the most powerful alliance in the history of the world, part of NATO”.

He asked if he could confirm it PolandAs the Prime Minister of Great Britain said, Boris JohnsonThe Prime Minister replied, that he will deliver or deliver the tanks to Ukraine “yes”. When asked, he did not reveal their number. announce it “right on time” It will provide information that is not currently reported “For security reasons, and especially for the safety of our neighbors and friends in Ukraine”.

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“The issue of combatants is closed”

According to the Prime Minister, the case was handed over by Poland Ukraine MiG-29 fighters “closed”. – There is no such necessity, there are no such requests or requests – added.

After the Russian attack on Ukraine on February 24 of this year. Poland It provides free military aid from the resources of the Polish army, and also participates in humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees. Poland is one of the countries that supported Ukraine militarily before the invasion – it donated MANPADS Lightning And thunderAnd light mortarAnd Ammo And unmanned aerial vehicles.

On Tuesday, in Ramstein, Germany, where the largest US air base is located in Europe, Defense Minister Marius Pasachak will take part in the conference of the Ukrainian Defense Consultative Group, which will be attended by representatives of dozens of countries, chaired by US Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin. The theme of the conference will be continued support for the Ukrainian army and plans for further assistance.