The giant crater in the ground is 30 meters wide and about 112 meters deep. located in the east To whomNear the border with Oman. For centuries, stories have circulated about genes or demons trapped in them. Many residents considered it the gateway to hell, so they did not approach it or even wanted to talk about it for fear of misfortune. This letter was supposed to prove the characteristic of the stench coming from the depths.

Yemeni officials did not know what was in the well for years. – It’s too deep. We never reached the bottom of this well because of the lack of oxygen and the lack of ventilation, Salah Babhir, director general of the Geological and Mineral Resources Research Office in Mahra, said in June.

Then he reported that until now it was possible to go down to a depth of more than 50-60 meters – we noticed strange things inside. We also felt something strange. He explained that this is an ambiguous situation.

The Oman Caves Exploration Team (OCET) was responsible for the descent to the bottom of the well. Agence France-Presse revealed d. Mohammed Al Kindi from the German University of Technology in Amman. He was one of eight cave dwellers who went to the bottom last week. “We were driven by a passion for it, and we felt it was something that would reveal new natural wonders and part of Yemen’s history,” he said.

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The agency received the footage. It describes rock formations, including the gray and lime green cave pearls formed by the distillation of water. The team at the bottom of the well had to find dead snakes and animals, but no supernatural signs. “There were dead birds that gave off unpleasant odors, but they were not overwhelming,” Al-Kindi added.

The researchers took samples of water, rocks, soil, and some dead animals, but they haven’t analyzed them yet. The results of their research will be published soon.

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Source: AFP,