The age of streaming is here and Disney+ debuts perfectly. Do you then invest Lots of money in a bunch of movies on DVD, then Blu-ray, and now 4K UHD Blu-ray Regret the money spent?

I can’t count exactly how many years I spent collecting movies on discs, because at the end of the VHS base, the first DVDs were already beginning to appear on my shelves. I don’t buy in heaps or in kilograms – on the contrary, I approach my purchases by choosing more and more. I even stopped filling in some of the gaps due to the shortage in stores or the astronomical prices of some versions. I’m not a typical collector, if there ever was one, because I could drop some editions and chase others in every way I could. There were times when I was lucky and was able to get the desired movie in a certain release, and other times I had to go out of taste for various reasons. I prefer not to sum up until today or how many movies or CDs or money has been spent, although sometimes I check if the copy of a movie I got has earned value. Sometimes it is, sometimes it turns out that I was previously needless and today I can easily pay much less.

As I watch what’s going on with the broadcast, I make myself more and more convinced that I’m not buying enough movies. Despite the growing catalogs, still attractive prices, new players, and high quality online content, there is something I won’t have when my subscription ends. And I’m not even talking about being able to browse the movies on the shelf, open chests and look at the individual releases, but something more practical. I mean independence and added value. A one-time purchase means that I don’t care about increased subscription prices, offer rotations, or internet connection issues. I often gain something more, because I often find in a CD box with accessories that allow me to delve deeper into a particular production or history to a greater extent. Yes, a large part, if not all of these addons later arrive on YouTube, but sometimes they are added unofficially or on side channels, and accessing the entire set of bonus material is not easy.

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On the other hand, movie buying happened Ancient like never before. The number of shelves has decreased with the boxes in the existing boxes temples For collectors, it shows that it only pays off online to trade in something as ancient as physical media. Hardly anyone looking for a movie in the evening or weekend goes to the store today. Almost nobody does, because we have a gadget in our hand almost all the time that allows us to access all dream productions in a dozen seconds or so (even if they are not legally available in our country).

VOD services also became more attractive, which began to outperform collectors’ films in some respects. Although the IMAX Enhanced versions have their issues, we’ll only see select Marvel movies in this format on Disney+. There are no plans to make a new album release for any of these titles, although it would certainly be a good opportunity to bring in some revenue for the giant’s budget. However, it seems that, firstly: the expected revenue was not able to fill the studio, and secondly: the company also wants to impress loyal fans of the VOD platform, for which they will regularly pay.

If I have to regret anything, it is the omission of some promotions or releases that will not replicate themselves properly and will no longer be available at civilized prices. It is often caused by many other expenses or common sense, which can not be missing when shopping, but after some time, everyone is probably Mosque There will be some thoughts that it was possible to compensate for such a one-time pressure on the budget in a different way, so as not to blame yourself for the lack of one or the other version. Not everyone can have everything and this fact must be accepted at the beginning of the adventure with any kind of collecting. Despite the periods when I stopped following the news and did not buy anything, I always return to this passion. I see increased value in owning anything by seeing how much we rely on subscriptions or paying for digital goods just by renting them.

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