At the end of 2020, Chinese Xpeng began selling cars in Norway. The demand was not crazy, in 2021 the company lost even to Polestar and MG, but the first step was taken. It’s time for two more countries. In one of them, the company established cooperation with a distributor, who also has offices in Poland.

Xpeng is entering the Netherlands and Sweden, and there is talk of Denmark as well. Closer and closer to Germany

In the Netherlands and Sweden, the company will be present at local distributors, and also wants to build its own representative offices. Swedish Bilia Unknown in Poland, but Emile Fry It is a brand that includes the Polish showrooms of Emil Frey Retail (Nissan, Subaru), Bavaria Motors (BMW and Mini), MB Motors (Mercedes) and Lion Motors (Peugeot).

Of course, Xpeng hasn’t mentioned next steps yet, and if it expands, it will head south (Germany, Switzerland) and west (France, UK). The company declares that it believes in Europe in its strategy for electrification and the development of e-mobility.

At the moment, the manufacturer offers the G3 crossover and the P7 sedan on the Old Continent. Xpeng G3 It belongs to the C-SUV class, with a battery capacity of 66.5 kWh and starts in Norway from 358,000 CZK (Kia e-Niro 39.2 kWh – from 339.900 CZK). Xpeng P7 In contrast, it ranges in size between the Model 3 and the Model S. Despite the large battery with a capacity of ~72 (81) kWh, the car has a similar range to the Tesla Model 3 RWD, the newer version with ~56 (60) kWh batteries hour.

Xpeng G3 (c) Xpeng

Xpeng P7 (c) Xpeng

Note from the editorial office of Xpeng started in Europe with the G3 as the first and cheapest model. The company has a large financial base, but it probably doesn’t realize that people in Europe don’t like ostentatious copying of someone else’s solutions. Not only will the G3 have an easy life, but it can make its debut more difficult than other models from the manufacturer.

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