Can your pioneer in a well-known company last a day on battery? Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will eat it for breakfast, because thanks to the special mode it can last up to two weeks.

We are used to the fact that lithium-ion batteries from today’s smartphones offer a lot of good features – they do not have a memory effect, can withstand high-current charging and provide a good service life, although they are far from perfect. Unfortunately, in times of increased needs, the time of their action in one cycle reaches 2-3 days.

The situation can be improved and this time can be extended for a few days, but it requires severe restrictions on phone use, deactivation of energy-consuming units: LTE / 5G cellular network, WiFi, and a decrease in screen brightness.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and 14 days on a single charge

Xiaomi has mastered this art to the fullest, because in the latest trybie super save energy The screen is completely turned off. Exactly, it will come out with a 6.8-inch AMOLED panel with high resolution WQHD + and a refresh rate of 120Hz, thus allowing Mi 11 Ultra to withstand an impressive 14 days of battery life.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra / Photo from the manufacturer

OK, but what about using a smartphone? at this point A small screen in the back enters the actioncan not be forgotten. The 1.1-inch AMOLED array comes directly from the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 and will take over the basic functions of the phone after the said mode is turned on.

This interesting solution for users will be going in the latest premium update with V12.5.10.0.RKACNXM. The Chinese lunatics will receive it first, but the modification will have to be sent to Poland later.

In Super Power Saver mode, on the smaller screen, you’ll accept or reject the call, check the time and dial one of the primary numbers. All other functions will be disabled.

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