The news about the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro has gained tremendous pace and convinces the first ManiaKów to make a reservation before the premiere. With this flagship, Xiaomi will break many records.

for the first time Xiaomi flagship 12 It will be held on December 28 Right after Christmas, two models will appear in Chinese stores: the compact Xiaomi 12 and the versatile Xiaomi 12 Pro. The pre-release information turned out to be so exciting that many fans couldn’t stand the expectations.

The main booking process has been launched in two Chinese stores, Tmall and JD – this is standard practice in the Middle Kingdom examining the demand for new devices. People who reserve a smartphone will have the right to buy it first, and Xiaomi can estimate production demand based on the data.

Xiaomi 12 series saved 200,000 times

I think Xiaomi should really be interested in speeding up production, as bookings for the 12 and 12 Pro models have reached a peak. What is interesting, The most popular is the uncompressed Xiaomi 12 and the Xiaomi 12 Pro – A total of 113,000 times have been ordered in both stores.

come in. OnLeaks & Zoutons

Xiaomi 12 is not far behind, as there are many who are ready to buy it – this is about 98,000 customers who are ready to buy it immediately after the premiere.

After the results of this “pre-sale”, you can see the confidence in the Xiaomi brand and concern about the poor availability of smartphones after the first presentation. In the age of the raging silicon crisis, the smooth distribution of phones is not as straightforward as it was a few years ago. It may happen that after the first wave of purchases, Xiaomi 12 will disappear from the shelves for some time.

ManiaK dreams come true: Xiaomi 12 with a great screen is to be a small pioneer!


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