Today at the Microsoft Ignite 2021 conference, Satya Nadella revealed the American giant’s plans regarding Metaverse. The company has a plan to make it Connecting the digital world to the physical world and transporting users to different places using special applications.

“When we talk about the metaverse, we are describing a new platform and a new type of application, similar to what we talked about networks and websites in the early 1990s,” Nadella said in his speech.

It is a great vision that those who are interested will be able to Enter the world and participate in it. Everyone will be able to approach the proposal in their own way and according to the head of Microsoft – It’s a massive breakthrough.

“I can’t overstate the scale of this hack. Not only are you watching the view from the camera on the factory floor, you can be in this room. It’s not just video conferencing with your colleagues anymore – you can be in the same room with them.” It’s not just about playing the game with your friends anymore, you can share with them” Follow Nadella

Microsoft will allow users to enter the virtual world so that interested parties can go, for example, to a meeting room and chat with colleagues.

The company also doesn’t forget about the Xbox, which plays a big role in the metaverse – Satya Nadella, during a conversation with Bloomberg’s editorial board, stated that the productions are indeed related to this concept, but that each works in “2D”, and The company wants to provide players with a new experience:

“You can certainly expect us to do things for games. If you take Halo as a game, it’s a metaverse. Minecraft is a metaverse, like Flight Sim. In a way it’s 2D today, but the question is now can it be brought into a full 3D world as we plan Certainly to do so.”

There are many indications that Microsoft will literally let us “in” the game – although it is currently difficult to say what it might look like.

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It is noteworthy that last week Facebook changed its name to “Meta” precisely because of the metaverse.