The Redmond giant could offer a solution similar to NVIDIA’s DLSS. Recent job announcements indicate that developers are focusing on technology that can help developers deliver polished images at the highest possible frames per second.

Thanks to recent reports, we know that Microsoft consoles will see AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution effectsHowever, we can doubt that Phil Spencer plans to provide gamers and developers with a solution dedicated exclusively to devices powered by the American company.

Microsoft is looking for employees who guarantee the highest quality of gameplay:

The Graphics team is looking for passionate developers to help provide AAA game developers with high-end Xbox and Windows GPU solutions. Join our growing team of talented men and women on our mission together to ensure all games run beautifully at the highest resolutions and highest frame rates.”

It was soon noticed Information about “highest resolution” and “highest frame rate” refers to an NVIDIA solution, among other things. DLSS has gained the approval of a large group of gamers because it provides a simplified gaming experience.

Microsoft’s problem with Deep Learning Super Sampling seems obvious – Leading display technology based on artificial intelligence Only works with GeForce RTX graphics cards. Newer Xbox devices use AMD components, so engineers from Redmond should try to get a proposal built specifically for the Xbox Series X | S and PC.

If an American company develops a solution dedicated to its consoles, this could significantly affect the work of developers who will be able to offer better quality gameplay on, among other things, XSX | S.

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Yesterday, Maciej from our editorial office focused on NVIDIA DLSS and AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution – in his opinion, the solutions provide a revolution that cannot be underestimated. Please see his text.