Xbox won the Skittles with a 50.5% majority with nearly 342,000 votes. So it looks like gamers avid for a mini console fridge might already be preparing to buy. The only question is how much Microsoft will bear for this fun?

Remember when Microsoft is taking turns Memes About the appearance of the Xbox Series X / S in real and Will be made The hostels Stylized On consoles now? There is a chance that the company will take this article much further. It’s all thanks to Twitter’s marketing business, where well-known brands compete with each other for the website’s user rating. To finau They have qualified Skittles and Xbox. The first contestant promises to take back the lemon-flavored candy after eight years if they win. In the answer Aaron Greenberg (Microsoft’s Marketing Director) will ensure that the giant’s win with Redmond will result in mini fridges modeled after the Xbox Series X / S.

The idea, while certainly intriguing, isn’t as crazy as it may seem. Microsoft already has a hardware ready design, and has made a few copies. these You will receive Lots of influencers as part of Xbox collaboration with Dwayne Jonson a few weeks ago. Of course, soon there were Internet users asking about the possibility of purchasing these mini-fridges, but so far Microsoft has treated them as only promotional materials. This could change soon. As of this writing, Xbox is ahead of Skittles with less than an hour remaining until the end of the vote.

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