Pictures of a TV with the Xbox logo are circulating on the web. The device will appeal to Sunday gamers who don’t plan to buy a console, and want to play Game Pass games thanks to the xCloud functionality – but not just them.

For months, rumors have been swirling about a new Microsoft Stable product aimed at gamers, such as the Xbox TV set-top box. This of course is not about Homemade Xbox Series S laptop. . years Xbox Series X-style refrigerator.Only in order to use the device to stream games from the cloud directly to the TV as part of the xCloud service. This will allow you to play games from the Xbox Game Pass library on the largest screen from home without buying a console.

games with X-Box without X-Boxie Microsoft Snapshot in Photos

There are images circulating on the web that show how the TV adapter with the working name Xbox Stream Box is supposed to look in practice. Here we are dealing with a white rectangular cube similar in shape to the Xbox Series S, but with smaller dimensions – it should be a little larger than the deck of cards.

In the device, in addition to the processor and other components necessary for image processing, there is space for a Wi-Fi module and several ports such as Ethernet, USB-C, HDMI (in the back) and USB-A (in the front). In addition, you can see the Xbox logo and the key on the console where the IR receiver is located.

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The design of the device may still be subject to minor changes, and although the premiere was originally scheduled for the end of 2021, it may be postponed due to logistical problems with components in the factories. Unfortunate – because the same consoles from the Xbox family will be around for a long time It won’t be easy to buy.

Microsoft has a really smart plan.

This type of gadget, if reasonably priced, is a great solution for Sunday gamers who don’t need to run the latest products at the best possible quality and aren’t ready to buy a Microsoft console. Old TV owners will also love it thanks to the support for streaming services thanks to the ability to install VOD apps.

Such a device paired with an Xbox One or Xbox Series pad is enough to play games from the Xbox Game Pass library, which includes both turkeys and slightly older AAA titles from different developers, and… all new Microsoft Studios games Like, for example, Flight Simulator. This also applies to Bethesda productions purchased by Redmond and Electronic Arts products selected as part of EA Play.

In addition, the Microsoft TV set-top box can be used to stream all games from an Xbox console connected to a TV at home to another display using a connected add-on. The question remains when we will see support for the Xbox Game Pass library As part of the xCloud service directly on TVs. In theory, after all, nothing prevents the Xbox app from being available on Smart TV…

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