Already today, the Xbox Game Pass library will be expanded with two proposals, among which it is worth highlighting the one mentioned in the title Trek to Yomi. The Polish Wild Hog has met with very positive feedback since the first announcement.

And for a good start to the month, the American giant has announced the addition of eight productions geared toward its popular subscription subscribers. The last item from the list will appear on May 12, so in a few days (May 16-17) we can expect a new message from Microsoft.

Today, players will download two titles: Trek to Yomi and Citizen Sleeper. Both hubs are in service, so we’ll have to wait for production to activate before we can start the game. However, it is worth preparing for a free weekend to play productions.

Rzeszów-based Flying Wild Hog developed a samurai story, which attracts attention right from the start with its atmosphere, black and white and light gameplay, and setting – the developers, inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s work, invite you to claim duels and stories of loss, suffering, conflict and revenge.

On the other hand, Citizen Sleeper is an RPG in which we play a digital character surrounded by an artificial body – the nickname Sleeper is a former employee of Essen-Arp. The hero wants to hide from the former bosses who treat each of his charges as property, and the hero will have to discover many secrets of the space station. Time will not be his ally.