Last week, Xi Jinping visited the city of Wuhan in the central part of the country. The election of the president of China was not accidental: the first official cases of coronavirus were detected in this city, which in the following months led to the spread of a global pandemic.

China’s “zero tolerance” for COVID-19 has turned out to be a failure?

During his visit to Wuhan, Xi Jinping praised the “zero tolerance” policy of COVID-19. As China’s president has argued, the country has dealt with the coronavirus thanks to the introduction of strict rules in every area where a new disease has occurred.

We have always put people’s lives first, and have worked hard to prevent both the influx of the virus from abroad and its spread throughout the country – Xi Jinping emphasized during his speech (Daily Mail).

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However, according to the Daily Mail website, a few days after the visit of the President of China, a scandal broke out. Two new cases of COVID-19 have occurred in Wuhan. Both are infected local port workers who are asymptomatic transmission of the coronavirus. This is the first such situation in central China in months.

As a result of the many cases of coronavirus infection in China, mass testing has been ordered. Only in and around Wuhan Three rounds of research have already been conducted, and a fourth round is underway.

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