Robbed from the first victory in Formula One by a difference of a “Tremendous *** up” From Mercedes, Toto Wolf insists that the Sakhir GP on Sunday won’t be George Russell Last chance to win the F1 Grand Prix race.

He might be in the car at the end of this season in Abu Dhabi.

Russell made his debut with Mercedes at the Sakhir Grand Prix, replacing Lewis Hamilton World champion holder after testing positive for Covid-19.

The British P2 qualifier behind Valtteri Bottas, got off to a quick start and was driving the Grand Prix in nearly five seconds when Mercedes called him to stop under safety car conditions.

Multiply the drivers, Things went wrong for the team Who put one of the Bottas tires on Russell’s car. As such, the 22-year-old had to stop again, dropping to fifth.

He quickly retrieved the ground at the start of the second half and was chasing Sergio Perez to victory when Mercedes called him again, this time for a punch.

Russell L. recovered He took ninth place and so also got the fastest lap point.

Despite this, he was disappointed about losing the win “twice”.

Wolf assured him that Sunday’s race would not be his last chance to win the Grand Prix.

“This will not be his last attempt to win a race,” the Mercedes sports car told Sky Sports.

“It’s just the beginning of a fairy tale that didn’t work out today and I’d like to say a new star has been born.”

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Russell could be attending again at the season finale this weekend in Abu Dhabi.

Although Hamilton is feeling better, Mercedes is waiting for his last test before announcing who will be in the car this weekend.

“We need to know how well Lewis is recovering, and that’s the most important thing – he’s fine,” Wolf said.

“He says he’s a little better today, and feels like he’s made a big step and if the test is negative, that’s his car and then he’s going to lead a great race.”

But even if Sunday’s Grand Prix is ​​Russell’s first and last, for this year at least, Wolf thinks the little Mercedes was proud of itself.

He said, “We did not want to set high expectations and he was over-delivering, over-delivering, and over-delivering.”

He oversold on Friday. He over-performed in the qualifiers a few hundred hundredths from Valtteri.

“And he sprinted. His race was unbelievable.

“He knocked off the starting line with the best reaction time in a very small car, with paddles that didn’t fit in his hands, he took the lead and led a great race and could have won twice.

So, this is not a sad day, it is a day when we learn as a team.

“When we have a tough fight about the championship, I don’t want the radio to fail.

“And we learned that George Russell is a reliable person for the future. He has all the potential and all the ingredients that a future star needs.

“In this regard, I am sad about the result he could have achieved in his first race with Mercedes, but on the other hand I am happy with his performance.”

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