Bex Aliu has run the US embassy since January, when Ambassador Georgit Mosbacher left the office in Warsaw. On Thursday, the White House officially announced that Mark Brzezinski, Zbigniew Brzeziński’s son, will be the new ambassador.. The nomination was made after months of speculation.

– Mark Brzezinski is ready to contribute to the further development of Polish-American cooperation. Personally, I am happy about this, because he is a professional and moderate diplomat who has never been declared to have any extremist views – said Witold Waszkowski on Polish Radio 24.

– I am also pleased that he will replace the current madman who runs this US Embassy in Poland – added the former head of the State Department.

The interviewer, Stanislav Janicki, stated at the time that the PiS politician “probably means” Bex Aliu. “But let us lower the veil of silence on this number,” he added.

Bex Aliu, the high representative of the United States in Poland in the absence of the ambassador, has repeatedly criticized some of the measures taken by the Polish authorities.

In June, he wrote a letter to the House Marshal, Elipita Wittekin which he criticized the new regulations regarding re-privatization. In early July, it was mentioned The United States is watching the TVN licensing process and the new draft amendment to the Media Act with increasing concern.

The diplomat also defended the LGBT community: “We condemn the attacks on LGBT people, as happened yesterday in Gdansk or the recent attack in Warsaw. We all have the right to live without fear – no matter who we love.”

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