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With these words Friz suggested the end of his career. His other plans were a surprise!

At first he was snowboarding and showing hard tricks. Later, he collected Pokemon, and in 2018 he came up with the idea to create a team with his friends. This is the leading YouTube project and will always be associated with it. Karol Wiśniewski suggested, after many productive years, that he would slowly fall into the background. Where did this idea come from? Find out by checking out the details now.


  1. Freeze – New Team

The end of Frieza’s career Like a Youtuber is a situation the biggest fan of a major influencer can’t even imagine. He would have left a huge void because, according to netizens, he is one of the most creative creators of the moment. When Friz appears in a movie, he instantly gets several hundred or even millions of views. Karol Wiśniewski caused quite a stir by saying that he is slowly turning into a dinosaur when it comes to the YouTube world. This indicates that he will slowly want to move away from the background. However, he may have come up with this idea for another reason as well. thus Team Friz will officially finish registration In a luxury villa near Krakow everyone will live separately. According to many people, this will greatly affect the quality and quantity of material thrown. Regular viewers worry that they won’t see The Crew together in every video. We’ll find out from September.

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Freeze – New Team

Not long ago we mentioned how 14-year-old Frieze was skateboarding! He had his entire career ahead of him and then he didn’t even realize how popular the creator was in just a few years. Now, thanks to his creativity, he has millions of zlotys on his account, the recognition of viewers throughout Poland, as well as years of experience that he will not buy for money. Many internet makers years later came to the conclusion that they didn’t want to make movies anymore. The generation is changing, and young people have different powers. Karol Wiśniewski came to this conclusion, and four years after founding the Friza team, he admitted that one foot was on the side of the dinosaurs, referring to the “old” and “boring” artists.

Freeze asked fans on Twitter if they’d like to put together a new cast. More specifically, he asked if they would like to have the second version of the 5 Minutes program, thanks to which the Genzie participants were selected. One netizen asked why, when the Genzie group had just been created. Wiśniewski explained:

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You have to build an army of influencers because one day I’ll be done with, I’m already one leg to the side of the dinosaurs

– he admitted, which might suggest that Friese will soon be an observer of the activities of his influential groups. This should come as no surprise to anyone, as Karol Wiśniewski is more and more active when it comes to business. Soon, he might not have time to grab the camera and record some vlog. However, netizens doubt whether creating new influencers currently makes sense.

Stuart Kluz-Burton, or Stuu, is one of the owners of the Spotlight agency, which is interested in, among others, Team X. It doesn’t appear in movies and Karol Wiśniewski might have such an idea.

Speaking of the end of his career, Friese is a bit fanatical, because we know he’s still doing a great job.

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