Postludium – Cool Shapes pt. Ego Sapientia – A Song of Wisdom has concluded the Soni Spatium I International Prof. Festival. Marek Jasinsky. The ceremony was attended by the Academy Choir by Jan Zerucki of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, the International Choral Academy in Terra Pax, and the Camerata Starguard Orchestra. Małgorzata Pańko-Edery – mezzo-soprano, led by Szymon Wyrzykowski sang. The concert took place this afternoon at the collegiate chapel in Stargard.

The Festival Sonia Sebatium (“Space of Sound)” was organized from 10 to 12 September 2021 by the Camerata Stargard Orchestra as a tribute to the work of the composer and teacher from Stargard, Professor Marek Jasinski (1949-2010).

The program included three concerts in the collegiate church of Stargard, one of the music school. Two exhibitions dedicated to Marek Jasinski were opened. There were distinct Stargardian memories, by his relatives and colleagues. The tomb of Mr.

This afternoon, the last concert was held in the collegiate church, the program of which included the compositions of Marek Jasinsky.
He said, “Maybe you’ll have to wait a whole year for next year.” Grzegorz Konopczyński, director of the Soni Spatium Festival and director of the Camerata Stargard Orchestra. – Soni Spatium Festival is an audio space that the professor has been looking for in his compositions. As organizers and residents of Stargard, we are thrilled to have Professor Business left prematurely, and we still have significant compositional and pedagogical plans in place.

Watch the exhibition(95 photos)

– Marek has always learned to fill in the blanks with music, and this place (collective church) is loved by Marek, it’s back to the source – confirmed before the last festival party Iona Charkevich, Creative Director of Soni Spatium. – Marek Jasinski is a contemporary composer, and we are afraid of contemporary composers. However, he also liked Bach and Chopin and this can be heard in his compositions. Marek brought peace with his life, convictions, connections with friends, students and above all his beloved family. Let’s do good!

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