Studio BJØRN + BALLE was created by experienced designers Christian Bjorn and Ron Bally. In recent years, the duo of these iconic figures of Danish design have designed several award-winning utility objects, which combine minimalist Scandinavian design with an excellent sense of current trends. Properly chosen materials and details elevated their achievements to a higher level and gave the designed items a new identity. Together with the brand Design For The People available in Poland in the store, they also have great success in lighting design. We asked them about the work of lighting designers behind the scenes.

What made the light so magical to you? What do you like most about what you do?

Light is everything to us. It creates and changes space, creating the right atmosphere at the same time. There is no life without light. I make no secret that we love the process of creating this special relationship between the lamp’s function and its original design.

How did you start designing? Can you tell us a little bit about your origins?

Ron Pal had previously worked with silver and developed an interest in industrial design at some point in his career. Christian Bjorn was a sculptor with a degree in industrial design. At some point in our lives, we decided to combine art and design. Understanding the user’s future needs and respecting the companies that entrusted us to work on subsequent lamp projects played a huge role in the process of creating the concept of co-working. We were able to quickly establish a chain of comprehension, which, in our opinion, is a necessary condition for the job of a good designer.

What is the biggest challenge in what you do? What is creativity to you?

Certainly, the optimal use of new opportunities that we do not lack. Fortunately, they appear regularly in design work. As for creativity – well, creativity is an ongoing process for us. It is based on the best of what has already been created, and at the same time does not come close to the constant search for new possibilities.

Have lighting designs changed over time?

Lighting design has become an international field. This means that previously, the starting point for creativity was close contact with the designer’s nationality, culture and place of residence. Today, we can find inspiration while traveling around the world.

What are the upcoming trends in lighting design?

Often, there is a desire to go back in history and reinterpret past design trends. The rapid digitization process, both in design and development, creates opportunities for customized products for selected target groups.

What ideas are particularly close to you? How does it affect your work as designers?

Technological development has had a major impact on lighting design and has created many new design possibilities, such as slimmer designs and structural solutions that were not possible with older lamps.