Participants in the mixed biathlon relay had to travel 30 kilometers. The Norwegian team turned out to be the best, although 11 missiles were chosen, they did not give their rivals a chance. The Poles ranked 24th.

For the first time in the history of the World Bayatlon Championship, a mixed relay race was conducted at a distance of 4×7.5 km. First, the men entered the competition, then the women had to conquer a slightly longer ring than usual. There were 27 teams in the beginning, including Poland.

The Norwegian team was by far the favorite in the mixed relay competition during the World Championships in Pocluca, Slovenia. There was no surprise. The relay race consisting of Sturla Holm Laegrid, Johannes Poe, Terrell Eckhoff and Mart Olsbo Roisland gave no chances for the competitors. Contestants had to choose 11 rounds, but it was the best anyway.

At the finish line, Norway had a 27-second advantage over Austria. Such a high position of the relay race from this country was the biggest surprise of the first competition held in the World Cup. The key was to get a good shot. The Austrians chose only two cartridges. The Swedes were at the lowest steps of the podium. There was no place on the podium for the French (5th) and the Germans (7th).

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