I know and think I’ll be the world champion someday – says Leon Madsen, who wants to attack IMŚ gold medal next season.

The Danish actor has been a motocross rider from the top of the absolute world for several seasons, and this was demonstrated by winning the European Championships (2018) and the world runner-up (2019). In his solo collection, only IMŚ gold is missing.

I know and think I’ll be the world champ one day. I have a strong conviction in this regard. Before, few people believed in me, and I became almost the best highway racer in the world – says Leon Madsen to speedwaygp.com.

– When will I get gold IMŚ? I don’t know that, but I will definitely do my best this year. I feel so much better, I am positive and have high ambitions – confirms the representative of Denmark.

In the final season of the Grand Prix, Eltrox’s competitor Włókniarz Częstochowa finished fifth in the Grand Prix, losing 28 points from the medal area. Madsen knows what he needs to improve to make his result much better than last year.

– I missed the promotions to the finals. That was my problem in 2020. With the new point system, you got to be sharp at the important moments. Leadership in the Finals is essential, and that’s what I’ll be trying to do in the new season. Hopefully we can also win a few trophies – says Madsen.