From next year, Britons and third-country nationals who wish to enter the European Union will have to pay €7. The European Commission has decided that the entry permit will be issued for a period of three years.

ETIAS – The European Travel Information and Permit System will be launched in 2022. Britons will be able to enter the Schengen area without a visa, but will have to obtain a permit for such travel and pay a fee of 7 euros in advance.

The entry of the British Isles into the territory of the European Union will not be so easy. Before entering the European Union, travelers will need to complete an electronic form. The information in each application will be automatically checked against the EU and INTERPOL databases.

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In most cases, EU entry permits are issued immediately. Forms are considered individually by the relevant authorities. The permits will be valid for 3 years.

The changes affect all third countries, not just Great Britain.

The UK government has already announced that it will not offer similar fees to the EU and the Schengen area.

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