Katarzyna Kawa is still in the match for the 2021 Grand Prix Wimbledon. On Wednesday, the Polish tennis player sealed the match she started with on Tuesday night.

On Tuesday, Catarzina Kawa (WTA 133) and Martina Di Giuseppe (208) were unable to finish the encounter due to darkness. Of course, the Polish tennis player regrets that she did not finish the duel in two matches. The decision was made only on Wednesday, after the fight of three hundred.

Kawa and Di Giuseppe are not court-playing specialists and that was visible on Court 11. However, the tennis player quickly built a safe advantage in the first set and closed that segment with a score of 6:2. In the second batch it was already 4:2 for the Polish woman, but the Italian She won four consecutive matches and tied the competition.

With the score 3: 3 in the third set the match was stopped due to darkness. The ladies returned to court on Wednesday afternoon. After resuming service, they were not their forte. The first three matches ended in breaks. The Pole won another one and got a chance to finish the match in the 10th game. Two hours and 32 minutes later, I used the fifth match ball. After the final slap, he sighed.

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