Great reviews, very high ratings from viewers and a good chance of getting a record number of Oscar nominations this year. Nothing will change that anymore. Even fiasco in American cinemas. During its weekend premiere, the show cost $100 million. West Side Story won just $10.5 million.

For this project, Steven Spielberg gave up directing the fifth part of “Indiana Jones”. A remake of West Side Story, the most famous musical in cinema history, premiered last weekend. Expectations for this film were high, although it was also known that during the pandemic, older viewers, mainly aimed at Spielberg’s musicals, do not voluntarily go to the cinema. However, the director’s name, the fame of the original 1961 production, and the fantastic reviews, which would surely win many Oscar nominations, made it possible to believe the commercial success of the new West Side Story.

For now, however, there can be no room for commercial success. During its weekend premiere, the musical earned just $10.5 million in US cinemas. Even worse, West Side Story is selling out in overseas markets. Although it premiered in most countries around the world (from the big markets, the musical will later appear only in Spain, Italy and Australia), it managed to earn $4.4 million. Remember, the Spielberg movie cost $100 million. So the chances of avoiding financial disaster are illusory.

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