The weather in Australia is caused by a mass of cold air that moved from the Arctic Ocean at the beginning of the week. According to the site, in places in New South Wales, up to half a meter of snow fell in 48 hours. Some roads were closed due to rain and snow.

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“Blackheath completely covered in snow today. Great start to winter,” Savannah Mitcham from

Winter attack in Australia. The weather in Sydney is the coldest since 1984

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The media reported that the residents of Orange had to deal with ice blocks. Citing Reg Kidd, Mayor of Orange, citing, he said it was probably the most abundant rainfall since 2015. The impact of winter has led to power supply problems in many places. About 1,200 households and businesses were cut in Orange and its vicinity. It happened when it dropped about 15 cm The snow.

Sydney, the capital and largest city of New South Wales, recorded 10.3 degrees Celsius on Thursday, the lowest temperature since 1984.

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