Because of the harsh conditions after snowstorms in northern Spain, there were two fatal accidents, in France, drivers got stuck on a buried highway. There was also heavy rain in the Iberian Peninsula, which led to flash floods. Great Britain was also subjected to heavy snowfall. There was so much snow in Yorkshire that customers of the pub were trapped in it for three nights.

Winter attacked several European countries. At the weekend, Spain, France and the United Kingdom felt the effects of heavy snowfall.

UK: Customers trapped in a bar for three nights

And in the latter country, on Friday evening 61 people were imprisoned for three nights by a blizzard at England’s highest pub, located north of the Yorkshire Tan Hill Inn. The facility is located 528 meters above sea level and was surrounded by nearly a meter of snow on Saturday.

A snowplow arrived at the pub on Monday morning and cleared the way, allowing guests to leave the inn, reports the BBC. Abandoned cars also blocked the road to the pub and power lines collapsed.

– All of our guests did a great job, and we were very lucky. The bar manager, Nicola Townsend, said the guests have supported us and shown great understanding and patience. She stated that the group was in a “really good mood”, and the clients became friends and watched movies together, played group games, and listened to the band that caught up with them in the bar.

“We had musical instruments and toys, it was a very special and fun weekend, but now we are ready to go home,” one guest told the BBC.

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“It was like meeting good friends, we’re talking about meeting again next year,” Townsend said. She added that one of the prisoners in the bar stated that she “did not want to leave her”.

Spain: Bandits and Killings

Storm Irwin brought heavy snowfall to Great Britain, which also made it felt in Spain. However, the tragic news came from the Iberian Peninsula.

Heavy snowfall, heavy rain and high winds have led to two fatal road accidents. Both events took place in the autonomous community of Asturias in the north of the country. In the town of Soto de la Barca, due to a landslide of a roadside cliff, the car was covered with mounds of sand and stones on the AS-15 national road. A car carrying five people was buried. A woman was killed on the spot and another passenger was seriously injured.

In Asturias, there were two skidding accidents due to bad weather on Sunday. One driver was killed and another was injured.

It snows in SpainReuters

Several hundred roads were closed across the country on Sunday evening. According to estimates by the Directorate General of Road Traffic (DGT), most roads were impassable in the entire northern belt of Spain – about 150. In turn, in the east of the country, mainly in the autonomous community of Valencia, more than 20 road accidents occurred as a result of freezing roads .

Extremely low air temperatures are a major problem in many regions of the country. In Catalonia on Sunday, a column of mercury appeared in several places – 12 ° C.

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It snows in SpainENEX

Heavy rain fell in the Basque country city of Bilbao on Monday. When the ice began to melt and the Nervión and Cadagua rivers broke their banks, the streets were flooded. Dozens of cars were found under water.

City officials said firefighters intervened dozens of times, also regarding fallen trees and mudslides.

Auto floodedReuters

Auto floodedReuters

France: Drivers stuck on the highway

It also snowed in France. Heavy rain disrupted traffic on the A89 motorway between Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand in central eastern France on Sunday night. Local media reported that hundreds of cars were stuck in the snow near Thiers.

The operator of the A89 motorway, Vinci, distributed hot drinks and food to people trapped in their cars. Snow falls up to 30 cm in some places.

It snows in FranceENEX

It snows in FranceENEX

In the northern province of Pas-de-Calais, a flood warning was issued after the rains. Roads and property were flooded.

Roads flooded in the province of Pas-de-CalaisENEX

Main image source: Reuters