There are already some benchmarks that were made on an early version of Windows 11 that was leaked to the Internet. It turns out that the new system, however, includes many more improvements than just the taskbar and the new Start.

From Tuesday to Wednesday at night, internet connection Tested, an unofficial build of Windows 11 has been released. Microsoft struggles with hosting services by sending out pre-litigation notices requesting that system files be removed from its servers, but this is more than just a battle against windmills. Everyone who wanted to download this system has already done so long ago.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what’s actually been leaked — or more specifically, what stage of work it’s coming from. leaked Compilation. Perhaps this is an early version of the system and we still have a lot of news, although it is worth bearing in mind that what appeared on the web was compiled in May, so recently. All reviews and information about Windows 11 in the Spider’s Web and other media should be treated with a certain distance: there is still a lot to change.

Just a new interface? performance Windows 11 – Exam.

While we were mainly focused on the usability layer of the new system, YouTuber Ben Anonymous decided to check if something had changed in terms of data processing efficiency in the system. It seems that Eleven However, it is more than just Windows 10 21H2 with a slightly pimping interface. Tests were conducted on a Core i7-10875H laptop with an RTX 2070 Super graphics chip. consequences?

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  • Computer boot: 13 sec. (16 seconds on Windows 10)
  • 3DMark: 7613 packets. (6872 in Windows 10)
  • CrystalDiskMark: Read 3448MB/s, Write 3336MB/s (Windows 10 read 2930MB/s, write 3189MB/s)
  • Geekbench 5: 1251 points on one core, 7444 points on all (Windows 10: 1138/6284)

Theoretically, after switching to Windows 11, the user should see a 15% increase in overall performance, which looks very good and promising. However, we will see how the production version of the system, which is likely to be released in the fall, will perform.