Alpha 311 wind turbines produce power where it’s needed most – locally. Thanks to its compact size and vertical axis, any road, bridge, building or tower can become a wind farm. Wind energy from car traffic has become a reality – the first turbines of this type appeared at the O2 Arena in London.

Wind energy from car traffic

TThe Alpha 311 urbina is smaller, lighter and easier to install than conventional turbines. Its compact size, low weight and unique design allow you to install it almost anywhere.

Watch how wind turbines get power from car traffic:

The turbine operates most efficiently when it is next to a road or railway. Even when no wind is blowing, the device intercepts the air movement of passing vehicles and generates electricity.

How it works?

The idea came from Barry Thompson, an entrepreneur from Kent (UK) and his company Alpha 311.

Cars and trucks pass us several times a day. They will be with us for a long time, so let’s make them work for the environment and local communitieswe read Company’s official website.

Turbines attached to light poles near roads can generate light for passing vehicles. Domestic energy production serves the demand in the immediate area and reduces transportation costs, thus reducing costs for the end customer. In addition, an advanced sensor system collects local atmospheric data.

The Alpha 311 turbine can generate up to 20 square meters of solar panels if it is installed in the middle of a busy highway. The turbines are made from recycled plastic.

Alpha 311 turbines, Source:

The first turbines have already appeared at the O2 Arena, an entertainment and sports hall and shopping center in London.

Alpha 311 turbines at the O2 Arena, London, Source:

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