Stevie Nicks, composer, songwriter and songwriter Rhiannon It was announced that a script is being prepared for the series, which will tell us about the inspiration from one of Fleetwood Mac’s most famous songs. Although the creator does not see herself in the cast, she is already watching another star who could cast one of the main roles, the singer’s friend, Harry Styles.

  • Stevie Nicks writes a mini-series based on the popular song Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon.
  • The production will be based on Welsh mythology.
  • Nix had seen one of the roles of Harry Styles, who had already starred in the movie Dunkirk Christopher Nolan.

Rhiannon It is one of the greatest hits of the Fleetwood Mac group, sung by then-singer of the band Stevie Nicks.

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Last year, during the worst exacerbation of the raging pandemic, the singer announced that she had dedicated her time to developing a project inspired by the song. At first, Stevie Nicks mentioned a feature film, but during the development of the project it turned out that the substance could be used in a mini-series.

Rhiannon An iconic piece from the ’70s

Song Rhiannon Created from 1973, it was recorded in 1975. The song, with its personality, quickly became a lasting element of the then-hippie culture, both in the states that reached number eleven on the Billboard Hot 100 and in Great Britain, where the song reached number 46 on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Official UK charts list.

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nix books piece Inspired by Mary Leader’s book trinity About a woman who believes she has been possessed by the ghost of a woman named Rhiannon. This name, in turn, is known from Welsh mythology. Rhiannon was a sorceress, the goddess of necromancy, who endured her tragic fate with exceptional patience.

What will be the subject of the series Stevie Nicks?

The miniseries is delving into the folklore and myths that inspired the author. Nicks told The Times that she was greeted in the 1970s with admiration for her detailed research on the subject.

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The envelope sent to Knicks contained, among other things, a copy of the ancient British Mabinoguna, a collection of old Welsh epics.

Harry Styles will participate in the work on the series?

Stevie Nicks has no plans to appear in the production in person (although she already has some experience on the show after she starred in American Horror Story: Sabbat, where is the song Rhiannon She was the inspiration for one of the heroes), however, she was the type to fit in one of the main roles.

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His type is Harry Styles, because the young musician is a special friend of Nicks, and they have both performed on stage several times. Styles, apart from a fruitful music career, also has experience in cinema, appearing in a supporting role in Dunkers Nolana, recently also appeared in a psychological thriller do not worry my love.