Will the UK collapse after Brexit? Such a scenario is not excluded. Art Nouveau trends are becoming more and more popular in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain is: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. These countries constitute one country. They have a common foreign policy, they have one army, the same king, and the same laws are in place there. However, it is a very decentralized country – points out Dr. Tomasz Kubin from the University of Silesia.

Scotland enjoys a high degree of autonomy and is in many respects a region independent of the central government in London. Dr. Love explains. Thomas Cobain.

And from Scotland, after the Scottish National Party won the elections there, we are hearing stronger and stronger voices about secession.

– The First Minister, after the victory of the Scottish National Party, calls for a second referendum. Currently, support for Scottish independence in this country is 42 percent – Dr. Thomas Nidokos of the Catholic University of Lublin points out.

The Scots have already voted once in 2014. Then they chose to stay in the Kingdom of Great Britain. Now the results may be different.

– One of the factors that had a particularly strong influence on the rise of separatist tendencies, especially with regard to Scotland, was the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union – Doctor love says. Thomas Cobain.

There is a pro-EU mood in Scotland. Could Northern Ireland also face a similar scenario? It is possible to merge with the Republic of Ireland. The differences between these countries fade from year to year.

Catholics in Northern Ireland will not remain a minority as they have been for decades or hundreds of years, but will become a majority, which will be another factor which will strengthen the tendency to unite Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland – notes dr. Thomas Cobain.

So far, it is difficult to imagine Scotland and Ireland divorcing the UK. If that happens, countries will be significantly weakened.

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