Today, we may see at least one new production introduced in EA Play Live. A title tentatively called “Project C” has appeared on Amazon, which some players have linked to the appearance of Titanfall 3.

Today at 20:00 (Introductory show is scheduled at 19:00) EA Play Live will startWhich can bring you some outstanding ads. Recently, Electronic Arts studios reported it dynamically You will not appear in the eventHowever, it seems unlikely that the publisher will organize the show solely with the next biggest releases in mind, Battlefield 2042 and FIFA 22.

The leak on Amazon is a surefire confirmation of electronics activities – a new item was added to the catalog prematurely. The game codenamed “Project C” will debut on PlayStation 5, but we can assume that this is only one of the target platforms.

The community quickly picked up the news, trying to figure out the meaning of the working title. According to some theories, “Project C” could herald the advent of Titanfall 3, as “C” is said to be the third letter in the alphabet. For some, the most realistic option is to announce at least three productions, while ‘C’ will be a highlight on the news feed. The possibility presented is the announcement of new races from Codemasters. Does any of the assumptions prove true? We’ll find out soon – on our website You will be able to follow it report from the event.