Exciting information has surfaced on the Internet that Facebook will change its name next week. This is due to the fact that the company does not want to be associated only with social networks and intends to focus its attention on “metaverse” solutions, giving its flagship solution this name in the future.

The company’s CEO (also known as Mark Zuckerberg) is said to have informed the public of the change at Connect’s annual conference, which begins on October 28. So far, Facebook has not commented on these reports and seems to indicate that this speculation is not without foundation.

The expression “metaverse” itself is not yet clearly defined. It is a loose concept of virtual space, in which the main role is played by avatars supported by its users based on VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies.

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The term “metaverse” itself was coined by one of the authors of science fiction novels. This phrase was first used by Neal Stephenson in 1992 in his book Snow Crash. Subsequently, the term was chosen by the filmmakers and viewers could hear it in such famous productions as “The Matrix” or “Ready Player One”.

Facebook recently announced that it intends to employ at least 10,000 people in Europe alone in the near future, who will be involved in the development of “metaverse” technology and will translate this obscure term into specific applications and services. In one of his interviews, Zuckerberg said that, according to him, the metaverse is “an embodied Internet in which the user not only learns about its content, but also participates in it.”

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It can be seen that under the term “metaverse” there is actually another version of the Internet or some new augmented reality in which the real and virtual worlds overlap, creating a completely new space made up of 3D avatars and objects.