At a 5 p.m. press conference on Saturday October 31, Boris Johnson It is expected to announce a new national lockdown Across the UK, after a rapid rise in coronavirus cases.

Determined to “save Christmas”, the prime minister was forced to act as infections surged in Britain and Level 3 restrictions across much of England had failed to stem the spread of the disease.

The Telegraph understands that the measures being discussed in Downing Street will only continue until December 1st – similar to closing the short-term “circuit breaker” – but it is not certain that a longer shutdown will not be required.

Will there be a mains lockout?

Pressure continues to grow on the government to enforce the shutdown of short-term circuit breaker in England in an effort to obtain it Coronavirus infections rise under control.

Labor leader Sir Kerr Starmer called the government To impose a circuit breaker for two to three weeks to prevent “sleepwalking in a long, bleak winter”. It is backed by the government, the NHS, and science advisors National Education Federation, The largest union of teachers in Britain.

Some scholars, including the government’s chief science advisor, Patrick Vallance, suggested the new declaration Three-level local alarm system It doesn’t go far enough, and only global measures have the chance to curb the second wave of the virus.

However, these allegations come after the latest news that all Nottinghamshire will enter Tier 3 restrictions on Friday. The entire county will enter its highest closing scale.

Wales imposed a two-week “fire break” lockdown On Friday, October 23.

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What does this mean for our daily life, how long can circuit breaker lock up, and where is the manual that will work?

What is a circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker is an automatic switch installed in an electrical circuit that flips and cuts off the flow of electricity when there is a power surge or short circuit, preventing fire and other damage.

Consequently, the shutdown of the circuit breaker would see the British cut off nearly all contact with people outside of their homes by shutting down non-essential businesses and cutting off social interactions.

Restrictions on daily life may include:

  • Bars, restaurants and entertainment venues Forced to close.

  • Home mixing Banned in areas not already in it.

  • People will be told to Work from home Take caution if possible Public transport Unless it is necessary.

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How long can it last?

The circuit breaker, if enforced, will likely last for a maximum of two to three weeks.

The idea is to interrupt the flow of the virus and allow time to create a long-term plan. Before the NHS overload issues.

Professor Callum Semple, a member of the Sage State Scientific Advisory Group, has warned that prevention is better than cure.

He told BBC Radio 4 Today The program: “It is always easier to limit an outbreak at an early stage than to let it run and then try to reduce it at a later stage.”