The Tarnobrzeg authorities announced the start of public consultations on development plans for part of the “Serbinów” estate. If the municipal project is appreciated by the residents and, first of all, if money is obtained for its implementation, then the largest residential area in Tarnörzig, now neglected, will become a fairy tale.

At the moment, the municipality wants to collect residents’ comments on the planned development of the road in the Serbinów district, between ul. Sienkiewicza and Zwierzyniecka and the creation of “Aleja Nocy i Dni”, referring to the estate’s name.

The project envisions that instead of the concrete road existing today, a colorful pedestrian and bike path would be created. Squares, each with a different character, will be created along the alley so that both residential and town residents of all ages can find their friendly space.

The project provides for the creation of:

  1. Tulipovsky Square is reserved for the elderly – pergolas, chairs, game tables, a small water yard and rainwater storage tanks.
  2. Barbara Square – an environmental area in which there will be a small amphitheater (the theater may be a venue for concerts, shows, summer cinema, etc.)
  3. Tomaszek Square – Sports and Activities areas – there will be a playground, 3 sports fields, an outdoor gymnasium and a sensory park.
  4. Bogumia Square – where community gardens will be set up, where residents desiring the adjacent buildings will be able to grow ornamental plants, herbs, vegetables, etc.

– All the elements mentioned above will give the property space a new look, which will encourage residents to spend time outside the home, and outdoor activities. We want to create a friendly space with this project, a place of activism and community engagement – In announcing the start of the consultations

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The city will apply for co-financing to implement the change of ownership of “Serbinów” from the European Union’s 2021-2027 programs.