The country’s first hydrogen-powered bus, which is used for public transport, will start regular flights in Konin (Greater Poland Province) on Friday. On Thursday, MZK received 12 hydrogens from Konin Solaris Urbino.

Marta Przerwa from Miejski Zakład Komunikacji w Koninie Sp. z oo Corporation (MZK) has announced that the first run of the hydrogen bus will begin Friday after 5 a.m. on the 56 regular route. The new carrier vehicle will also be used on four other lines.

According to the assumptions, the hydrogen bus will cover about 300 kilometers per day on weekdays, and about 200 kilometers on weekends and holidays. The vehicle will be refueled at a mobile hydrogen refueling station located on the premises of ZE PAK SA in Konin.

MZK Konin’s chairwoman, Magdalena Przybyła, emphasized that buses equipped with hydrogen cells are the future of public transport. “Courageously, but also with full awareness of responsibility, we started the + here and now + hydrogen communications project, because many operators and organizers of public mass transit in Poland are waiting for our experience” – she admitted.

Using a hydrogen fuel cell, Solaris buses are electric vehicles that use electricity generated from hydrogen on board the vehicle instead of energy stored in batteries.

Solaris Bus & Coach President, Javier Calleja, confirmed that Konin “today opens a new chapter in public transport in Poland – the latest in hydrogen-powered transport”.

Konin’s head, Pyotr Kortkovsky, noted that a few years ago, talk about the use of hydrogen in the economy or public transport often caused a smile on the faces of skeptics. “Now we are showing the direction of public transport. We have chosen the right path and we will continue on this path.”

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“The hydrogen economy is featured in the development strategy of the Greater Poland region, and in fact, in Poland we have a document related to the Polish hydrogen strategy that was adopted in January of this year. I am proud and proud of the fact that, as a city, we are starting public transport based on hydrogen. , which is an ecological, quiet and air-purifying means of transportation, ”- emphasized the local government official. (PAP)

Author: Szymon Kiepel

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