Politico, citing its sources, said that the administration of the President of the United States intends to prepare for further sanctions related to the new gas pipeline under construction. They are calling for decisive action, among other things, in the US Congress.

Nord Stream 2 is under construction. The United States may impose more sanctions

However, the German government does not intend to stop construction. Over the years, he has repeated that this is an economic project, not a political one. However, not all politicians in Germany talk only about economics in this context. What arguments do they have and what is Russia’s special interest? This is explained briefly by the head of the Polish division at Detusche Welle and an expert on energy policy in Russia from OSW:

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Nord Stream 2: When You Don’t Know What Money Is?

Nord Stream 2 It is supposed to call Russia I am Germany Avoid transit countries – it runs along the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Poland and the Baltic states were reluctant to invest from the start. But the parties most interested in the European Union, Germany, are also divided. Greens in particular “no”. This is an option that is getting stronger in Germany, and parliamentary elections will be held in Germany this fall.

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