Experts believe that Meghan Markle may be denied the opportunity to run for president of the United States due to an unknown constitutional principle.

Experts believe that Meghan Markle may be denied the opportunity to run for the presidency of the United States because of her royal title.

A constitutional amendment unknown two centuries ago could prevent any attempt Megan It ends up in the White House the sun mentioned.

While the Duchess has not publicly expressed her desire to stand up, her biographers also believe it is “possible…really likely” to do so, with one claiming she is “the embodiment of the American Dream”.

Meanwhile, she has been criticized recently for Republican Senators She is also lobbying for paid parental leave.

Politicians say she introduced herself as the Duchess of Sussex – and didn’t know where she got their numbers from.

The move sparked outrage because members of the royal family have always been kept out of political affairs. The row over the phone calls continued with palace advisers warning that the Duchess was “using her title out of context” and Piers Morgan urging the Queen to withdraw Meghan’s royal titles.

It is now said that her title may prevent her from seeking a job in a high position, thanks to an unknown principle proposed to prevent Napoleon’s nephew from seeking power.

Constitutional experts said: telegraph In 1810, Congress proposed and passed a major amendment to the Constitution.

It states that no person who “accepts, claims, or obtains or retains a title of noble by a foreign power” may hold a federal office.

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The amendment was sent to individual state legislators. He didn’t give it enough green light – and the amendment was never adopted.

But it was also never thrown away and has been lying on the table for more than two centuries.

The decision was debated after Jerome married Napoleon Bonaparte’s younger brother to American attendant Elizabeth Betsy Patterson.

This led to crazy speculation that their son Jerome might run for president – and that the United States would fall into the French Empire.

If the amendment were to be resumed, experts told the newspaper, 12 votes in favor would likely remain.

This means that 26 other countries will have to vote in favor of the amendment.

“It won’t take people long to see this as an opportunity,” said John Kowal, who has written a book on the history of constitutional changes.

I am not aware of any precedent in which a person who is publicly known and uses a noble title from another country, has applied for political office.

“I think it would be very controversial.

“Britain has a very strong tradition of keeping royalty out of politics, so this is arguably more intrusive than anything a family member would dare do in Britain.

“Meeting with senators to push for the bill is to inject yourself into American politics.”

In her current state, Meghan is eligible to take off because she is a born-again citizen.

“Obviously she had a progressive politics, so she could have run as a Democrat, but what if she had run as an independent?” Mr. Haddad said.

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“Then you’d have Democrats and Republicans willing to stop her from starting to use this, and there might be a rare bipartisan consensus if she were to run as an independent.”

Royal experts believe that the possibility of Meghan running for president is not far off.

In a recent interview, she admitted calling out the senators even though Harry and the royal family have a “no commitment” policy.

Frankly, I do not consider this a political issue. “There is definitely a precedent between my husband’s family and the royal family for not getting involved in politics,” she said.

In her speech, Ellen DeGeneres again discussed paid parental leave – and said, “I will do everything in my power to make sure we can implement it for people.”

Tom Power, who is currently working on an unauthorized biography of the Duchess, said: closer The magazine: “The possibility of Meghan running for president is a possibility and I think it’s possible. I really think that’s where he’s headed.”

Omid Scobie, co-author of the book In search of freedomThe duchess’ biography said: “Meghan is the embodiment of the American dream.

“One day we can see Meghan become president.”

A friend told Vanity Fair that Meghan did not want to give up her US citizenship, “so she had the opportunity to pursue politics,” adding that she would “seriously consider running for president.”

This story originally appeared the sun Released with permission.

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