Source: Unsplash | Leon Sibert

Although the Internet is getting cheaper and more accessible every year, some people completely avoid paying bills using a network of neighbors or the owners of the buildings they live in. According to a report available on the portal statista In this regard, residents of the Netherlands are the leaders, with up to 16% of respondents stating the use of “borrowed” Internet. It should be noted that in the case of this country, accessing encrypted Wi-Fi without the consent of the owner is not a crime.

In other countries, the problem was noticeably less, but still persists. In Germany and Austria, only 7% of respondents used foreign Wi-Fi networks. The lowest result can be seen among the countries analyzed in China and Great Britain, which are 2% each. Unfortunately, Poland was not included – and the result might surprise us.

Interestingly, Using other people’s networks was not related to the same internet availability. For example, in the United States, where 43% of people have a broadband connection, only 3% of respondents stated that they use a neighbor’s network. The UK had a similar result (2%), with 76% of respondents accessing unlimited internet.

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